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Author Topic: Bovington show  (Read 699 times)

martin goddard

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Bovington show
« on: July 02, 2016, 05:20:18 PM »
The weather was really good. Some enterprising folk even put on a barbecue outside. Nice  and yummy.
A fair few games in the show.  Most impressive game was Miles' 15mm 1945 PBI game set in Germany between Volksturm and British. i would think he will win a prize fir it too. The game was really good. i played in this but it was definitely Miles' game. Thanks Miles.
The show seemed populous and well supported. Yeovil ton airshow might have diverted some potential attendees. Good variety of games. Phil and the gang did a nice 15mm skirmish with hoe grown rules. Appealing!  Mark and the gang did a nice pirates land raid in 15mm.  Saw a nice Penarth 40mm dark ages game. I really should have done pictures I know. It was a real treat just to game and chat rather than work on the stand. Bought  aplane on the bring and buy. Saw a lot of chums at the show including Matt's gang and the Dorchester men. Norman, Alan and others were in fine form.