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Author Topic: FAQs and Clarifications  (Read 741 times)


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FAQs and Clarifications
« on: December 11, 2016, 11:36:14 AM »
FAQ v1.3 - 08/06/2018
All the italicised items are taken from correspondence with Martin


Assaulting in the flank.
When a square is assaulted from the flank only, if the target loses and needs to retreat or choices to retire which direction do they go?
A – towards their own base line. Right angles from the assault
B – directly away from the assault. i.e. a sideways move

Page 52 (assaulter wins the fight)

“target units all moved back towards the baseline by 1 square”

So, be careful when you get behind the enemy!

Attacking the rear
If a square fair a moral test and has to retire does it always go towards its baseline. We had a weird looking on where some cavalry assaulted the rear of the square … lost .. got some casualty markers. Subsequently failed the morale but its movement was blocked by the square it was tying to assault previously.

as above

Winning the fight.
If 1 unit has a marker a square , with other units that do not. If you win another fight can you award it to another unit? so 2 units can have a marker?

Yes , page 53… winning the fight
“… result in several units having winning the fight markers”

Winning the fight
If you win the fight do you remove all casualty markers for the square or only those inflicted as part of the assault?

Yes, page 52 …
“The winner of the fight removed all their own casualty markers”

Losing 'Winning the fight'
Its says that these are only lost when you lose the fight. Am I right in thinking this does not include retire/fall backs from morale checks as a result of shooting?

"You only need to lose the "winning the fight" markers if you actually lose a fight or withdraw from an enemy assaulting you"

Calculating assault winner
When determining 'winning the fight' is it just casualties inflicted as part of the assault? or do casualties in the square also count (for a prior barrage in the same turn say)

"Only casualties gotten in thefight will count toward teh win/lose calculation. The other casualties will make moral much worse when it does come about. However a winning square can discard all of its casualty markers because they are elated at winning."

For weapons that have a range >1 (artillery , mortars) do you need to keep LOS? is that from centre of the square to centre of the square
Also, can you shoot over intervening troops (friendly or enemy)

Guns can shoot overhead of other troops but cannot shoot over hills, buildings and woods.

Measuring LOS
Do you measure from square centre to centre to determine LOS through trees etc? or can it be any part of the square that blocks LOS?

Square centre to square centre. Of course it might TOUCH the corner of a wood square etc but that is OK. Thus a diagonal of squares can ignore buildings etc that touch that diagonal

BEF shooting dice
+1 fight D6 for each infantry unit (max 2) in an assaulted /target square.

You get +1 for each BEF infantry battalion(unit) in a square that is assaulting. You also get +1 D6 for each battalion in a square that is the target of an assault. It does not apply to shooting, but only to units involved in assaulting, or being the target of an assault.

Allocating hits
To clarify allocating hits. From shooting the target allocates the 1st hit, from assault the target allocated the first 2 hits. This is as per the QRS , and not the rules. Martins rationale -
The idea was to let the owner apply the first hits n order to prevent the shooter cherry picking his favourite target. Because shooting generates fewer hits, one hit application of the owner's choice.  In assaults there will  be more hits, thus the owner chooses the first two. The choices should end up with the owner choosing the hits when the action is not that decisive. only when actions create a lot of death does the shooter/opponent get a big say.
Overall the rules should stop teh occasional shot taking out that valuable MG etc,

Taking excess casualties
When a damaged gun is allocated 2 hits, and then fails both. Does it generate 1 or 2 casualties? The rules say all unsaved hits generate a casualty marker, subsequently it says than when a damaged gun takes a 2nd casualty it is totally destroyed

"You CAN put two hits on a unit or gun with only 1 casualty potential left. A useful ruse.So a damaged gun taking extra hits might fail both but still only place 1 casually marker as that was all that was remaining on that gun."


Stormtrooper deployment . The rules state “held off until depletion are finished “
"Another one that needs a ruling. My suggestion is that - just before you start assets for turn 1".

The +5 to the assault of Stormtroopers in the first phase . Is that by unit or by square ?
"I thought it would be per square like shock assault. I assume you are having two stormtrooper units on the same squares.  Else +10 is pretty mind blowing. "