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Author Topic: UROP  (Read 914 times)

martin goddard

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« on: June 26, 2016, 07:31:49 PM »
Well it looks like the Uk will leave the EU. No political comment allowed here (good)but I will list the possible effects (pure speculation).
It will probably not affect sales with the US and rest of world destinations.
Possibly no significant changes for up to two year with Euro zone.
In the old days before the single market, traders register their goods with the local bureaucracy and pay all the VAT. This would mean paying 20% of the value of teh stock being carried in the van. Then on the Monday morning after the show, claiming back for unsold stock. Very annoying and time consuming.  This might stop UK traders attending Euro shows if the same system were re-introdced.

Prices might rise if the pound falls enough to put up production costs.
Big shows like salute would be less attractive to overseas manufacturers.
These issues might lead to more stockists of PP stuff in Europe?
All is just guesswork at the moment.