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Author Topic: Duel at the Cemetery Gates  (Read 34 times)


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Duel at the Cemetery Gates
« on: October 18, 2019, 02:59:00 AM »
I've posted this concept at LAF but thought this thread needed a posting!

Two groups, one wearing white hats and another wearing black hats - shades of good guys versus bad guys, hey? - are both heading for the cemetery to bury one of their own.  Unfortunately, word has leaked out to both factions that due to a major screw up the funerals are scheduled for the same time on the same day and this is not going to work out well.  Except perhaps for the undertakers.  Lots of well armed men accompany the respective horse drawn hearses.  Maybe we can call it Bad Day at Boot Hill.  Perhaps event make it a 15 mil gamette (good excuse to sculpt that hearse!).

And, yes, Martin, this is an important - but not the sole - reason for requesting the addition of a horse drawn hearse to the Western range.  And why I need at least two (but, again, will buy at least four just to help make it a more viable item to sculpt).

Also, since you don't have a stagecoach in the range, maybe also add a Mud Wagon (since since a few other companies make 15 mm stagecoaches).  We need one for any English Bob arriving in Big Whiskey scenarios stolen from Unforgiven, I mean inspired - really I do.