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Author Topic: Battle report BB  (Read 112 times)

martin goddard

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Battle report BB
« on: June 06, 2019, 08:05:33 AM »
Had a game on weds  5th June.
We tried anew rule of Stewart's.  ie in each assault the target rolls first (then does his re-roll). This is irrespective of number of D6 involved.
  This will be in BB47. There are various small things to be done too.
 I will get on to that just after the D Day weekend at Entoymnet.

The game
Both armies had 15 foot units. No cavalry and only 2 light guns.
Each army had 3 attributes for the generals.
Lots of scenery in the table centre.

The defender suffered more than expected in base loses and units put off table.

The attacker went forward in both centre zones.
The defender did likewise.
Both flanks went quiet.
The first two fights were both in the table centre as the two armies clashed.
Good dice caused the attacker to win both fights and force the opponents back.
These two attacker wards attempted to attack again in their own following turn,  but the better ward got stuck in the woods.
The successful ward pushed the opponent ward off the table and into reserve.

The main action of the game was in the centre. The attacker was pretty lucky with the fight rolls (in every fight!).
It was a  big win for the attacker.

Some personal thoughts
The new fight table made things a bit more complicated, but kept the dice numbers closer (good thing)
Shooting same seemed fine.
Movement seemed fine. Including the "11"  rule.
The table (4x3) looked like a battle, even with the reduced 3 units per zone.
The game looked good.
No generals died (unusual).
Plenty of low on arrows (good)
No cavalry (odd)
Artillery . Only 2 light guns but they scored 6 kills.
Game length. Less than 2 hours.

The rules are not done yet, but I think there is a diamond in the  rough present?


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Re: Battle report BB
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2019, 12:59:15 PM »

The rules are not done yet, but I think there is a diamond in the  rough present?

Agreed. Enjoyed the games I've tried so far. However, I accept there is still some way to go.