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Author Topic: Game on the 14th Feburary  (Read 208 times)

Leslie BT

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Game on the 14th Feburary
« on: February 14, 2019, 07:38:19 PM »
Played a Game of BB today using version 19.
Yet again it became a shooting game rather than fighting.  26 shooting casualties to 7 from fighting and 4 from standing after losing a fight.
The rules do not explain the effects of scenery for shooting into or from.  We had two woods and one zone of buildings.
If a unit becomes out of order does it lose its winning the fight marker?
We also did not understand the circumstances of ‘Target loser fall back OR takes 4 more hits’ It this 4 more hits on units or wards?
Does the above mean that two wards will be in the same zone and continue fighting in the next turn?
We also did not understand the above and whether it could be the choice between staying on table and taking more casualties which would maintain control of the zone because the attacker could not enter or do both attacker and defender stay in the ward for another round of fighting and what effect does the wood have on either side?
At the game start do the ‘defender losses’ create a casualty?
At the game start do the ‘defender losses’ count towards the losses for the game end or do they go back into the soldier box?
If the general is with a ward when does he move? He has move as item 1 in the sequence but this will mean he leaves his ward, the ward then fails to leave the scenery and is then with out a general, this does not make sense.
When a unit arrives from reinforcements is it in order or out of order?
When a ward is forced after a fight to fall back and it leaves the table with several casualties what happens to the casualties.
After carrying out the fight outcomes and units have been forced off table can they then be brought back latter in the same turn as an arrival?
In the set-up at the start in our game, yet again the defender placed all the scenery in his side of the table and the attacker failed to move any.
Turn sequence. Items 10, 11, 12 all state both, is 13 both or just the turned player?
The fight that took place was even dice each, so all just came down to a gamble on the dice roll.
The scenario dice and results worked fine.
The armies we used were attacker took ten units and the defender 15 units as in the rules.
The game result was the attacker 3 points in advance to the defender.
All the set-up for the generals worked well.
We used the scenario aspect but only used 1 for the attacker, all other were either a draw or no 6’s.


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Re: Game on the 14th Feburary
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2019, 11:31:04 AM »
I love it  :-*

Unfortunately a number of factors are interfering with my wargaming at present - mainly to do with home improvements. Consequently it will probably be a few revisions down the line before I am able to give the new version a whirl, but I do find this feedback extremely useful.

martin goddard

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Re: Game on the 14th Feburary
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2019, 10:07:23 PM »
Thanks for doing some feedback Les.

Will get on to that and get a new set out on sunday sunday.