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The 15 Mill / The Mill Issue 2
« on: April 07, 2019, 10:16:02 AM »
Wow, mega issue in two parts. That’s my currently reading sorted for a while, plus I already have the petard party in my ECW collection (not to mention the original cuirassiers awaiting the Kev treatment), so a slight painting diversion will allow me to have a go at being hoist by mine own.........

Walter Schnaffs / Ensuring enough figures to match the cards
« on: March 21, 2019, 07:53:55 AM »
Just had a bit of a light bulb moment. There are an awful lot of cards  with a lot of combinations to pull 6 from to produce a random army with veteran, regular and green combinations. This is a good thing but it will require a bit of planning to ensure enough troops are available to play WS this way. To cope with this at least 6 units of cavalry are necessary, and a good few guns, especially for the Germans. Where it gets tricky though is the infantry. This can be tackled by having a larger number of unit command bases than units, so that the same unit could be depicted as either veteran, regular or green:

Veteran - have the command base with a mounted officer. Many unit leaders still led their troops on horseback in this conflict, so this gives an opportunity to show that.

Regular - the usual officer, flag and musician on  foot.

Green - the command base has an officer and musician, but no flag.

There are other ways of doing this, eg. all Turco and zouave troops can be used for veterans. The cavalry had a greater variety of uniforms, making differentiation easier, eg use cuirassiers as veterans. They could also be differentiated by other additions, eg, the unit's dog mascot included  on a base. The German armies often had a wider variety of  flags, especially the Prussians. I often use units with the old style flags as veterans, the standard post Napoleonic flags as regulars, and the recently incorporated states, eg Mecklenburg and Saxony, as green. With the French Chasseurs I rely on the command colour flash on the rear of the command base. This can also be used with the German jaeger units, but some of the incorporated states had jaegers in blue with green facings (eg. Mecklenburg) so again these poor chaps get a green designation.

Does anybody else have eye-catching ways of differentiating veteran, regular and green?

Walter Schnaffs / First outing for Walter Schnaffs V2.1
« on: March 17, 2019, 04:18:06 PM »
Got a game of WS tomorrow using the new cards. Will do a report, but now feeling guilty about pictures as I am afraid that computer technology completely overwhelms me (and went some considerable way to ruining the enjoyment of my career).  :(

Bloody Barons / Barons 22
« on: February 21, 2019, 11:39:00 AM »
A couple of very minor points spotted in 85. Tactics, page 49

Point 3 - Be prepared

Point 4 - Defender needs to come off his base zones

Point 11 - most valuable in a a fight

Longships- Wrath of the Vikings / LBM shield transfers
« on: January 19, 2019, 05:50:18 PM »
I like the Dark Ages, particularly the early post-Roman period, but I am now beginning to find I would like a go at the Viking era. I am seriously considering making this my 15mm project for 2019 using PP figures and rules. Doing a bit of research I had a look at the Little Big Man site to see if they did 15mm Viking and Saxon shields. They do, but not specifically for Peter Pig. They do them for about half a dozen other companies. Has anybody used these with the PP figures, and if so which are the most compatible with the PP shields?

Workbench and Suggestions / More heads
« on: January 18, 2019, 09:23:54 AM »
Great to see the newly added dismounted dragoons and prospective cuirassiers with plume and sash for the ECW. Any chance of some additional heads specifically for the cuirassiers, such as the burgonet with big cheek pieces, the barred visor or a helmet that looks almost like a face. the Osprey on ECW cavalry shows a nice variety of helmets.

General discussion / New painting room
« on: December 01, 2018, 03:08:18 PM »
Is it pompous calling it the studio? Anyway, after giving up my wargames room so that my son could have his own living room/mini music studio, and after much upheaval and moving of books, furniture, figures, paints and visits to the tip, I have turned my old study into a much reduced library, figure storage area and painting room. 15mm, 10mm, 6mm and 3mm on the painting table at the moment, with a determination to finish the lot before priming anything new. First the 3mm ACW for some Altar of Freedom games.

Workbench and Suggestions / Confederate Generals
« on: November 15, 2018, 10:14:30 AM »
The recent spate of Confederate Generals and personalities (just noticed the welcome addition of Mosby) is a much appreciated extension of the ACW figure range. For completeness in the western theatre (and early in the east) might I suggest Joe Johnston with his very distinctive goatee.

Square Bashing / 100 Days to Victory 0n the BBC
« on: October 23, 2018, 05:42:45 PM »
Came as an Email today from the BBC - drama documentary in two parts about the last 100 days of WWI (presumably focusing mainly on the Western Front. Aims to show how infantry, tanks, aircraft and artillery at last began to co-ordinate in the attack.The three stills from the programme look vert impressive. First part Thursday 25th October, 20:00 BBC2.

General discussion / Fiddling about with rules
« on: October 22, 2018, 04:42:24 PM »
I have a regular opponent who cannot resist the temptation of messing about with rules even after only one or two games. TBH he’s a bit big headed about his “ability to understand how a games mechanism works” and therefore how he can improve on it. I, on the other hand am a great proponent of the well-worn phrase “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” As a result I find the constant tinkering a bit bloody annoying. Anyone else come across this ‘problem.'

General discussion / Leman partial withdrawal
« on: October 07, 2018, 01:17:34 PM »
Nothing to worry about folks, but owing to a slight change in circumstances I am going to be spending most of the next 3 months reorganising and decorating my house, which will certainly slow down the painting and limit the number of games I can be involved in, so I probably won’t be posting many photos on the PP site before the religious festival where the majority focus on the material (I’m sure even the pagans saw it as a time for reflection). I intend to come back with a first look at my new wargaming home set-up, which should give me more elbow room than before. Meanwhile I’ll keep posting re. my activities with the Dayshift crew of the LWA.

After Action Reports / SB Turks v Russians
« on: October 05, 2018, 05:41:33 PM »
Introduced a Walter Schnaffs player to real Square Bashing. He ended up being the Russian defender, with a shed load of reservists. The Turkish attackers also had a load of reservists, so fun sure to ensue. We set the scenery as hilly and rough Caucasus terrain. We played three full turns on Wednesday, with the intention of finishing next Wednesday. There were some vicious clashes, with Russian reserves turning up with alarming regularity. The Turks, however, looked as though they could break through to the rear of the Russian area.

The figures belong to the Liverpool Wargames Club, and have been based for rules where individual figures are removed, thus giving us the half base. There are no casualty figures, so we used my GF9 explosions for morale markers. I think the figures are old Minifigs from the 1980s (in fact I believe the Russian infantry are actually Napoleonic).

Announcements and Shows / Colours 2018
« on: August 19, 2018, 11:42:07 AM »
Anyone going to Colours this year? I shall be attending with the Day Shift group from the LWA - we are the ones who meet up in the mornings, usually once a week, to play historical games only, in a very civilised atmosphere, i.e we play for fun and wash every day!  :D  At Colours we are putting on a 28mm participation game of Ronin (Osprey) with custom scenery built by one of the members. Anyone is welcome to come and have a game.

Army Tutorials & Gallery / WW1 Early German Painting Guide
« on: August 01, 2018, 08:28:05 PM »
After a bit of trial and error trying to find something that approximated my understanding of early war German field grey I came up with something that seems to work. These are my first 1914 German infantry. I tried a few feldmutze head swaps as well.

For the tunic I used an approx 4:1 mix of Americana Slate Grey and Vallejo Green Sky. For the trousers I used the slate grey on its own. I then applied a generous coat of Citadel Nuln Oil shade (wash) which tones down the green considerably and also darkens and shades the trousers. I applied the rest of the paints over this, giving the flesh a wash of Citadel Reikland Flesh Shade. Once dry I painted a coat of Vallejo Satin Varnish, then a coat of brown magic wash and finally a coat of Windsor and Newton acrylic matt varnish. the basing was done firstly with a layer of Windsor and Newton Modelling Paste, applied with a Games Workshop plastic spatula (really useful as it has a large end and a thinner end for getting into narrower gaps between the figures) which came as part of a three tool sculpting kit. Some sand and small grit was added to a few areas at this stage to represent stones. The whole base was then painted Crafter’s Choice Yellow Ochre, then given a wash of Citadel Seraphim Sepia Shade. The base was then dry brushed Vallejo Tan Yellow and the stones carefully dry brushed Vallejo Light Grey. Where some of the sepia wash had pooled I painted Vallejo gloss varnish to represent puddles. The bases were then edged using Miniature Paints Earth Brown.  Finally static grass and tufts were added using PVA glue.

Eye Candy / 1914 BEF
« on: May 16, 2018, 10:58:24 AM »
After languishing  in the lead mountain for several years I at last got around to painting up the BEF. There were several reasons for this, not least that I have been reading some pretty good books on the opening months of WWI, with plenty of scope for relatively small scale scenarios (e.g I am currently reading up on Nery, 01/09/14 or 09/01 for those across the pond). I was also struggling for a colour scheme. As far as I am aware no acrylic paint company produces a colour specifically for 1914 Tommies. However, I have recently come across Vallejo green brown and also green ochre. The green brown on its own is ideal for officers’ uniforms, and a little (approx. 3:1) of the green ochre makes a great colour for other ranks. I used Vallejo buff for the webbing and Vallejo German camo black brown for the shoes, having read that the men were issued with brown shoes which they then blacked. I finished the figures with Vallejo satin varnish mixed with a few drops of Army Painter soft tone ink wash, and when that was dry I applied a coat of sepia magic wash so the figures ended up protected and shaded.

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