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Terrain and Figures / Purveyors of 15mm scenery - who am I missing?
« on: December 01, 2018, 09:58:18 AM »
I'm going to do an article on available 15mm scenery for the first issue of Martin's "15 Mill" ezine.

Before I launch into writing, I'd like to check I've not missed out any major 15mm / 1:100 supplier. My criteria for inclusion are (generally, I've maybe not been 100% consistent) that these are still being sold; are ready-made or kit forms of buildings, fortifications and the like, or ready-made terrain; that they're suitable for historical games. I'm conscious that there's probably a UK bias, but I'm happy to remedy that if folk can provide details of other manufacturers.

My list so far is:

Peter Pig
Arcane Scenery
Kerr & King
S&A Scenics
The Scene
Model Scenery Supplies
Old Glory Miniatures
Total Battle Miniatures
Tiger Terrain
Sally 4th

So, clearly a thriving scale to be playing in!

In my article, I plan to include contact details for each manufacturer, a brief summary of their respective ranges, and - where applicable - some comments on their models and anything of particular interest to RFCM rules.

Do please let me know where I've forgotten firms!

Pieces of Eight / Ships #37
« on: November 18, 2018, 09:50:18 PM »
Les, I now have my mark-up that I'll send over to you when I can scan it in the morning.

Meanwhile, a few queries for Martin / other play testers to mull over:

 1. at what precise point in the game are tricks selected? Page 28 states that this is after the Attacker is chosen, but it's not mentioned in the pre-game set-up sequence on page 54
 2. is the type of trick declared if the roll for it turns out to be unsuccessful?
 3. does the Hidden Loyalty trick completely cancel out, or simply delay, opponent opportunity shooting?
 4. a 33% chance of losing one's ship when rolling for Hidden Loyalty versus the possibility of an unopposed first grapple look like pretty unfriendly odds: am I missing something here?
 5. reference is frequently made to "within 1 hex" range: isn't this the same (and more easily expressed) as "in an adjacent hex"?
 6. I still struggle with the notion that, when "parallel parking" alongside another ship, the joiner can choose which direction he faces, as this is equivalent (for one direction) of doing a "handbrake turn" of 120 degrees, which seems a little drastic...
 7. during boarding actions, one can count "2 steps bigger" if there is a small ship vs a large one: does this also apply to quality of crew, or is one step the maximum? Either way, it might be useful to state the correct interpretation
 8. how are folk choosing to mark the 5 hexes (and potentially up to 5 additional ones) at the exit corner?
 9. I don't get the example (page 58) of "A player wins "training of crew" by 1 but has small warships that are not battle hardened. Instead he adds 1 gun to one of his warships". It would make sense if they were battle hardened, as their quality couldn't improve further, but not otherwise. Again, am I missing something?
 10. in the Increase Fleet Size Aspect B, it says (page 59) "roll first": what does this precede: the choice of ship that is being rolled for, or something else?

Pieces of Eight / Land Raid #16
« on: November 06, 2018, 07:14:56 PM »
What is the general consensus on the number of figures per base - is there a trend towards either 2 or 3?

And similarly (after the bad behaviour exhibited by many of us with both the Vietnam and Western rules...), are folk using the prescribed 30x30 mm bases, or tending more towards 2p coins?

Using the Forum / MOVED: Wargamer, Birmingham
« on: November 05, 2018, 10:36:59 AM »

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