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Pieces of Eight / Re: Second game Friday 10/08/2018.
« on: August 14, 2018, 06:43:38 PM »
Maybe Conny could do a short video at some point, but not a whole game. Perhaps just a turn or so?

Pieces of Eight / Re: SHIP BASING
« on: August 14, 2018, 09:55:39 AM »
I guess the thing is like you say, if the items had not arrived for whatever reason you would not then have an address or tel no, so giving it to you once you have got your product whilst good is kind of a mute point if things don't turn up.

General discussion / Re: The high street?
« on: August 13, 2018, 02:21:31 PM »
Yes, it is well stocked with Mon that you Poke, silly putty, spinners, football cards and the like, seems to be big on jigsaw puzzles for some reason? Nothing much of interest though. It is a real pity how shops have declined over the years. I don't even mind paying a pound or two extra for a purchase to support a local business if it is a shop I use, but they have to have the stuff available in the first place or it is no use.

Pieces of Eight / Re: Useful onomatopoeia
« on: August 13, 2018, 10:20:50 AM »
Sound effects are often expressed but difficult to spell. It is hard for someone to reproduce another's sound effect from a spelling in other words I think a recording would be better if you want to go down that path.
But! Do we do this for any other game? Will it be considered childish by our somewhat austere group of mature gamers who after all by your decree are not allowed to think of games as fun.😊
Personally I find I do make sound effects but absentmindedly so, I am not sure if I was forced to do so I would be as keen to play the game?

Boom! (Broadside. Emphasis on the !)
Fiss-hoom. (Bow chasers.)
Fizz-hoooom. (Stern chasers. You have to consider red shift of the sound wave.)
Erk, Erk, eeek. (Masts creeping in the wind.)

Pieces of Eight / Re: Second game Friday 10/08/2018.
« on: August 13, 2018, 10:08:59 AM »
I can do, I thought about making a couple more and doing photos of the bits before putting it all together, then the final thing.

Have you used your one since?

General discussion / Re: The high street?
« on: August 12, 2018, 09:24:11 PM »
The toy shop in town used to be much more wargamers, model railway and general model orientated before it was absorbed into the Toymaster conglomeration and since then it has really gone downhilll and stocks practically nothing. This seems to be the general way that all stores are going atnleast ones that are big chains which are most of them nowadays.
Yes I like coffee as well. At least 15 cups a day!😊

General discussion / The high street?
« on: August 12, 2018, 04:30:23 PM »
There has been a lot of discussion recently with shops going out of business and closing down in the town (Weymouth, but I presume other towns as well.) about the High Street and whybitbis failing. One of the main things that is blamed is online shopping, another pafking charges.

I was just wondering your thoughts? For me I almost never shop for things on the High Street anymore. When I go to town I usually pop to the shop and then go to a cafe and wait for my wife who is also nowhere near as long as she used to be.

The reason I don't shop in real shops for the most part is that they never have anything I want to buy. Out of all of my hobbies not one shop in Weymouth stocks much I want. My main hobby being wargaming in 15mm, even the shops that do cater for WARGAMERS stock nothing beyond FOW in that scale, the other thing I may buy is small scale naval ships, but again nothing. I have queried this and am told that although people ask for it, suppliers won't  stock it so they cannot get it unless they buy it online for the same price we can anyway.

The same in our local toy store. When I was growing up you could get metal wargaming figures from at least three manufacturers in the ordinary toy store, now all they stock is the latest release from GW. I have asked about X Wing and a few other popular games, but the suppliers don't  stock it so they cannot get it.

The same with my other hobbies, try getting something specific for a model railway, especially in 'N' gauge, or something I felt sure they would have, the latest 2018 release of Monster High dolls, not one! How about the ginger cat family for the Silvia Families (for the wife as one of our cats is ginger.) not a chance, can they get it? No, they can only get what the suppler will send them.

Try to get some clothes, now admittedly I am big, but nowhere in town stocks larger sizes in shoes. You want a size 15 shoe, well you have to go to a shop that does workwear where you may get a work boot, but if you want it in a 8E width fitting, well not a hope.

Now for parking I am better off than most admittedly, being a cripple I have a blue badge and can park in bays designated for us. But even that, over the last few years the number of bays designated for cripples have almost halved in the town center for some reason and all the normal car parks that admittedly do have some are on the outskirts of the town where it is too far for me to walk.

So from my perspective at least if the High Street wants to thrive it should sell things that people actually want to buy!

Any other thoughts on the High Street. Business rates, rent etc, i don't know much about them but am guessing they are not helping?

General discussion / Re: Campaign Games?
« on: August 12, 2018, 04:06:04 PM »
I think that they are fine amongst friends and in small easily managed campaigns where you can agree rules for things between yourselves, not get upset if things don't  go your way etc.
I think way too many are taken too seriously by many gamers who feel it is the end of the world if they loose or want to argue the point on every rule. Basically I would not take part knowingly in a prearranged organised campaign as it would be way too stressful.

Pieces of Eight / Re: First game Friday 10.08.2018.
« on: August 12, 2018, 09:41:29 AM »
I got one from Heller but the sails were massive and looked so out of place. I have replaced them with more normal sized although admittedly the big ones, sails modelled by me to be more in keeping with the PP range. I think it looks better that way.

Pieces of Eight / Second game Friday 10/08/2018.
« on: August 11, 2018, 09:21:27 PM »
In this game I rolled to be defender with just four dice allocated. We got that easily as Rob and Mike rolled ten to attack so worked out for both parties. They had extra wind dice for having been the defender last time.

As the defender we had three medium merchants and one small merchant with a battle hardened small warship. Again I tried to increase the fleet inbthecset up to get another small warship, but failed to do so. Chris and myself were running a British fleet in this game.

The attacker had four small warships, two able and two battle hardened. They were using the trick of unknown loyalty whereas we used the extra armament and crew one.

The wind was heading down table, the attacker tried to counter this as it was in our favour, but we managed to counter this.  Their unknown loyalty ship flying a Dutch flag was sneaking at the rear of our fleet. I would have blasted it anyway as we did not recognise it but I was not allowed to do that in the rules.

The initial engagementvas it happened was with the Dutchman when it came within range of one hex and we gave it some Stern chasers as warning shots to back off, before it showed its true colours and tried to grapple and board the Jeffertale. She was unfortunately shot to bits and struck but not boarded. I briefly thought about putting crew on her from the Jante Morralle (our warship.) But decided I could not afford the delay. Which was just as well as the Dutchman tried to pull the same trick with an autograpple on the Wrath of Asar, one of our medium merchants. They used the autograpple which came with the unknown loyalty trick. As they came in though the Wrath of Asar blasted them taking a couple of hits bringing the crew down and although grappled the merchant man actually won the fight and escaped. But as grappled both had to miss ago.

Then there was an exchange of fire between three small warships, the defenders Jante Morralle and the attackers Daisy and poppy. To be honest they took bits off but not much else happened and none of the shooting was conclusive just whittling down capabilities all around.

Sword tried and succeeded to grapple the merchant Lady Alil, the usual shooting took place but the defenders used their trick and managed to get extra crew and guns so was not the easy push over it appeared at first. That contract transporting Marines to the colonies is certainly  paying off. The attack thwarted.

Both the Daisy and the Poppy shot at the poor Jessica (another merchant man.) Then the Poppy tried to grapple and did, this time the attack was successful and in the subsequent turn the attackers got some sails up on the Jessica in recovery and managed to sail off with her before the Jante Morralle could respond.

Having said that she along with the extra guns on the Lady Alil punished the attackers little warships taking every sail, crew and gun marker off the Sword, the warship did the sane to the Daisy with raking fire. Annoyingly all the death rolls failed!

The merchant man the Lady Alil made her escape in the next turn and the final attacking warship the Poppy tried to intercept the Wrath of Asar as she made for the exit in the final turn but failed despite depleting her markers she escaped off the corner. The final blow of the game saw the defenders warship the Jante Morralle rake the hapless Poppy in an attempt to sink her but despite scoring hits the death rolls were pretty ineffective, but the ship was at least struck.

The result was a fairly big win for the defender as we got two medium merchants off and struck one of the attackers warships. The other merchants, one was captured but the other one despite being struck was never boarded by the attacker. It felt more like a draw whilst fighting it though as the shooting got very bloody on both sides requiring a lot of recovery which was not always successful. Also the wind was negated a lot in this game the attackers wind change dice being used up quite quickly and as defenders with the wind in our rear quarter for most of the game we did not need to change it.

I felt this game was a lot better fight wise as things were manovering around each other in the general direction of the required table edge. Interestingly though  in both games tonight the battle clock, timer was up or almost up as the merchānts escaped.

We need markers to indicated the exit hex. As I said I think some headland hexs would be good for this. I will see what I can find/make.

Another thing that came up was the number of ships you can have in a hex at any one time. I thought it was settled on two but at one point we had four which was way too many. This was down mainly to ships grappling, failing fights etc, then missing a turn whilst another ship comes in the grapple from the other side and so on. Very messy, needs sorting. I suggest that any more than two are in adjoining Hexs but still able to attack, grapple from there if in this situation. Or else there is going to be one he'll off a tangled rigging which with hindsight did we forget about in our games tonight, I can't recall?

Shooting in and out of multiple occupancy hex with bow and stern chasers is also something Martin saidvhevwas going to look at.

Pieces of Eight / Re: First game Friday 10.08.2018.
« on: August 11, 2018, 02:58:35 PM »
I will write up the second game later on after eating.

Pieces of Eight / First game Friday 10.08.2018.
« on: August 11, 2018, 02:57:07 PM »
We had two games tonight at the club. Mike and Rob against Chris and myself with Martin umpiring trying to urge us to go faster. "Don't  bother to read through it all, for the sake of speed and having a second game just roll two dice."😂

In the first game Chris and I were attacking and I wanted to try out the new section with the larger ship. So we started with an able medium and managed to upgrade the large ship to battle hardened. I tried desperately to get a smaller warship added to bolster our small felt but failed at every attempt in thempregame setup and I think suffered for it as a result as we only had two ships.

To start with the wind was against us but we changed it in our turn. The large warship the 'House of Lone' frigate the Sansum Neville moved in on the Daisy apparently a merchant but it was a trick and turned out to be a small able bodied warship, but it did them no good, the fire from the frigate blasted them and they were easily grappled and boarded the ship being captured despite the tricksy nature of the villainous scoundrels.

The defender tried to change the wind but we cancelled it. Now the medium warship the Betty Anne moved in for a broadside on the Poppy another of the defenders small warships. The Scimitar one of the defenders small warships moved alongside the frigate the Sansum Neville and tried but failed to grapple, not surprising it was tiny by comparison.

Next there was a lot of fire exchanged from both sides with everyone shooting at everything but to be honest there was little effect all around this turn. As attackers we changed the wind, the large frigate was now heading in the wrong direction and we had to bring it about but due to ship positioning and the side of the battle cloth it was pretty much stuck and could not manoeuvre beyond one hex.

The defenders tried but failed to change the wind direction. The Betty Anne shot at the Seeker and blasted it to nil on everything, but then failed on the death roll. Leaving the ship floundering. The Sansum Neville was stuck again boxed in by the captured Daisy and the edge of the cloth. The enemy was getting away and despite its excellent crew and gunnery the large warship could not turn and get free of the surrounding ships and table edge. I was trying to do rec very on the captured Daisy to put a sail back on it so it could move out of the way but at every attempt it failed leaving it to just be able to  move one hex with the wind but in the way of the larger ship.

The Betty Anne had better luck this time capturing the floundering Seeker by which time the game clock/counter had gone around and the game came to an end.

It was a very small win for the attacker  by only two points. This was because they had not managed to get any merchants off the table at the other end and also one was taken and one warship was also taken.

The wind played a big part in the game holding up the large warship which despite its initial success was then out of the fight being stuck trying to turn hemmed in by another floundering ship and the table edge, (which in the real world would obviously not happen as the sea does not have a table edge.) So with hindsight some different tactics are  called for when using the large warship to enable effe t to be taken of its better gunnery and size.

I think rather than coming at the opposing fleet and then having to try and turn it which proved almost impossible it would be better to try coming in from behind and sail with them and hope it could handle repeated broadsides? Some experiments are required to see the best way to utilise it?

Is there a way for the defender to have a large warship?

Although a small win for the attacker I have to say that it could easily have gone either way depending on dice rolls, and to me it felt very much a stalemate as we had not captured all the merchants but neither had they escaped come the end.

General discussion / Re: Falling out of love with plastics
« on: August 11, 2018, 09:51:10 AM »
Yes, admittedly the plastic vehicles give you more options, but they just have no mass. It does not feel like a substantial thing in your hand. Now I understand that is just physiological butvthag is how it feels to me. Maybe a metal or resin core for a vehicle with a plastic accessories  spru.

Terrain and Figures / Re: Tjublings Blog on Chaos Dwarfs Online.
« on: August 11, 2018, 01:30:53 AM »
Oh, if you had to join then you will be able to keep up to date with the army.😊
A Tjubling is a kind of Chaos Dwarf, similar to the old GW chaos dwarfs with the big hats or skull masks. Except these are 15mm scale rather than 28mm scale. They are sculpted by a man (I presume?) Called Tjub, hence they are known as Tjublings. They are an expanding range sold by Admiralty Minatures of Sweden.

General discussion / Re: Falling out of love with plastics
« on: August 10, 2018, 10:49:22 AM »
Yes, when I started collecting 15mm WW2 stuff for FOW one of the main reasons was that the figures were metal, the vehicles were solid resin and metal and felt like you were getting something substantial. Now they have changed to plastics I have not bought anymore FOW stuff and don't  plan to.
As has been said plastics just feel flimsy, insubstantial. They feel like they are going to break at any point simply by being looked at. I do wonder though if the flatter figures represent better what people used to look like? A lot of metal figures were a little chunked, which was fine by me. Interestingly though Peter Pig figures do not seem to suffer from fatness or thinness and seem just about right.
One thing I don't want though, worse than plastic is resin figures, Chunks of resin in vehicles is fine but resin figures just don't seem to work and I think in 15mm it is even worse! They are too thin and prone to bending and breaking.

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