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Title: Squarebashing Day 2016
Post by: SimonC on January 06, 2017, 10:02:22 PM
Dene, has sent me a few words about the day, and asked me to post here  -

Here are a few lines about last December's square bashing day. Please post it on our site and on the PP forum if possible.

I found the square bashing at Daventry really enjoyable for many reasons. Battlefield hobbies is a good venue, very easy to find, plenty of parking and our 4 tables were in a room of their own so no interruptions. The food at lunchtime was tasty and the coffee kept flowing.

I was using 1914 French and in my first game I attacked Pete's Turks. He had a very large army but due to the pre game depletions approx. 50% of it was off table as reinforcements.
He was left with a big gap on the right of his line, just where I had massed most of my best infantry and quick firing 75mm guns. I brought down a point effect barrage on the exposed units on his right and poured forward to assault them. In game terms approx. 15 dice against Pete's 4 and to my surprise The Turks held and pushed me back.
Pete was only able to do a bit do redeploying in his turn. My French then assaulted him again, with the same result. Again Pete Redeployed and brought on some reinforcements. The third assault managed to swing round by 90 degrees and take the Turks in the flank which finally moved them.
The rest of the game consisted of the French squeezing the Turks backwards into one corner as the Turkish reinforcements arrived too slowly to stop the inevitable.

After a nice lunch I had to defend against Paul's Germans. This time I had problems, after the depletion rolls I had hardly any troops in the centre of my line. The two flanks were nicely anchored on 3 of the objectives but the German infantry just poured through the centre taking one of the objectives. I tried to blunt Paul's other advance towards the lefthand objective but did very little damage to it. So he bombarded this objective and threw in an assault which pushed my brave French defenders out.

This left me holding two objectives on the right and all my other troops sitting on my table edge behind some hills. Paul didn't try to launch any more attacks as he was in control of 2 objectives and most of the table. Then I started getting lucky with my reinforcement rolls. Very soon I had got approx. 6 fresh units/mgs/guns onto the table as was able to launch a couple of attacks which took back all of the lost territory in the centre of the table. Retaking these squares in the middle of the table and inflicting a lot of casualties swung the victory points in my favour.

It was very interesting and a mark of a good set of rules that I thought that the Turks would be a push over but it took 3 massive assaults to crack them and in the 2nd game I thought that the Germans would roll me up after their initial success but I was able to come back and counter attack.

So 2 good games amongst good company and lunch as well, what more could you hope for? I look forward to another day in Daventry this year.

Regards Dene