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Leman, thatís my dilemma: BM will tower over PP, and I do prefer Martinís sculpting style - but unfortunately one canít wait forever when a new project beckons - Iíve ended up with a very large pile of unpainted lead from the original Old Glory and Blue Moon Zulu War ranges because Iím supposed to put 2000 Zulus on the table by January 2019! That could have been 250 PP packs...

Iím sure Martin has loyal customers for Vietnam, Austrian WW1 cavalry etc, but I suspect that a WW1 Range extension to cover Imperial and German colonial troops, many of the former being suitable for Gallipoli as well, would be more commercial, given the relatively small number of different troop types needed to cover the main protagonists.

Oh, and Iím with you on the subject of TMP, as a victim of one of Dear Editor Billís irrational anti-Brit purges.
Pieces of Eight / Re: Minairons finishing of PP ships
« Last post by Lluis of Minairons on Today at 06:00:12 PM »
The photo-etched ratlines I've used are 1/700 actually, made by a Japanese brand named Ocean Spirit.
Their website is temporarily closed, but you should be able to find them on eBay, AliBaba or even Amazon.

As for a colour schema for ships, I shared in the 'Eye Candy' subforum my attempts to find one such while making a collection for my own:
Despite written in an admittedly primary English, I guess it can give you an answer on some of your painting doubts --hull, decks, masts, sails and so.
As a matter of fact, you can try among several options, until finding out one that satisfies you the most.

I've been essaying some of such different options while painting together two commissioned fleets --also, on 'Eye Candy' subforum:

Did I help you?


General discussion / Re: What are you working on....?
« Last post by Radar on Today at 05:54:58 PM »
First two (of eight) sixteen man ECW cavalry units practically finished. Just the the trumpeters to finish off, attach the standards and some fancy green stuff to put onto the bases.

Painting the horses isn't the problem, it's the harquebusiers - variations on a theme of brown. Almost makes me want to go and paint Napoleonic Austrians for a bit (variations on the theme of white)
Pieces of Eight / Re: Website updates
« Last post by Smiley Miley 66 on Today at 05:12:24 PM »
What would be general prices for the sails if we ordered them separately please ?
As i am finding that some ships require  3 sail masts instead of 2 sail masts ? And the front mast needs the 2 triangles sails instead of the straight one .
Sorry i dont know the nautical terms as i am Ex Airforce and not Navy ? 
Pieces of Eight / Re: Minairons finishing of PP ships
« Last post by Smiley Miley 66 on Today at 05:04:29 PM »
So where do we get these photo eched brass rigging from please ?
Colours for the boats/ships ? Where is the best place to get colour ideas from please ?
I ve read that the inside walls of ships are generally in Red ?
What colour would you do most timber decks please ? 
Masts what colour generally please ?
General discussion / Re: Historical mis-speaks. Listen up!
« Last post by Leman on Today at 01:01:43 PM »
Tell the Texicans to stay, should have been heard as away from the Mexicans.
General discussion / Re: Historical mis-speaks. Listen up!
« Last post by martin goddard on Today at 11:07:56 AM »
Yes, you just can't get the staff!

Von Paulus, I said "DO NOT stay in Stalingrad and get surrounded".
General discussion / Re: Historical mis-speaks. Listen up!
« Last post by Colonel Kilgore on Today at 10:58:45 AM »
Arnhem - they jumped on the wrong bridge, which was several rivers further down than they actually meant to go. Probably due to that Korean wind (which was of course the origin of the term "kamikaze" = divine wind).

Balaclava - the Light Brigade did indeed charge the wrong guns.
General discussion / Historical mis-speaks. Listen up!
« Last post by martin goddard on Today at 10:50:03 AM »
Seems to me that great leaders get criticised for saying the wrong thing.   But really, it is the fault of their lieutenants for mis-hearing it.

Here  are two examples. 
Custer said "let's go down and attack that village". That was a mis-speak. He meant to say "let's NOT go down and attack that village".   
The Korean invasion general said "let's  attack Japan, it might be windy". What he meant to say was "Let's NOT attack Japan it might be windy".

An easy mistake to make, but the blame lies with the listeners who had not perceived the intended meaning.

Other examples?
General discussion / Re: Things on the table
« Last post by Leman on Today at 09:41:20 AM »
As long as the players are having a good time it really doesnít matter if they leave a can of beer on top of a hill.
Unfortunately when players are having a good time that is when they get careless and arms start to flail. It is no coincidence that I rarely visit my club for an evening session - cans on tables is just ridiculous, thoughtless and shows a lack of respect for other players figures, terrain, gaming mats etc. Need I say more.
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