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Hammerin' Iron / Re: Any new ships
« Last post by martin goddard on Today at 09:57:20 AM »
Those mountain folk are on the way...soonish!
Just waiting for Nigel's ACW stuff to be  re-done.
Pieces of Eight / Re: play testing the new rules
« Last post by martin goddard on Today at 09:56:19 AM »
To help illuminate some of this discussion.
Here are some of my design criteria. Or "vision".
 It might help us with the rules development.

1. The defender needs to be more than just  a moving target for the attacker's enjoyment.
2. The game needs to be historically based.
3. There needs to be enough ships, so that the loss of one ship is not a game decider. But not so many as to slow gameplay.
4. The rules will not model some of the common pirate actions. So (at the moment) no cutting out operations on stationary fleets, no night attacks, no longboats seizing ships.  Pirates will model the common situation of pirates chewing of bits off convoys etc.
5."Trivial"(what is trivial?) issues need to be ignored. So no account is made of small bits of treasure (two bracelets of fine gold), special effects (the bosun is dead).
6. Nothing from Disney films (Hook, Depp, Bluebeard etc). In fact Disney films give a good list of what not to include.  Black sails good though.
7. Land raids...later I think. To see whether they are an alternative game within the rules, or part of a greater game.

The forces are a little large at the moment . Ideally 2 pirate ships versus 3 merchants and a warship. But is that enough for an evenings game?

Some folk are seeing pirates as a conventional PP (is there such a thing?) attack/defence game.
It is not.
PP has never made games with two equal sides "bashing it our for no purpose other than bloodshed".  There are loads of games like that , so that audience is very well catered for. Such games tend to just give move/fight/shoot with no pre-game or aims. A bit lazy.
 No need for PP to go down that path. It will certainly not be two equivalent/equal forces beating each other to death for no purpose.

Instead, it is based on two force with completely different ( sometimes called "asymmetrical", but that is a bit pompous)aims and  objectives.
The merchants should win if they get their ships away. The pirates should win if they capture merchant ships. The amount of success can be variable depending on how well the aim is achieved.
The pirates do not need to wipe out or capture the whole defender's force.
No pirates ever fought sea battles for the sake of it. That would be just silly and certainly not historical.

Thanks for thinking about all this stuff.
This should get some chat going?

Hammerin' Iron / Re: Any new ships
« Last post by Colonel Kilgore on Today at 09:36:27 AM »
Just wondering if there is any prospect of new models?

You mean you want more - before the Vietnam Montagnards are complete ?!  :o
Hammerin' Iron / Re: Any new ships
« Last post by martin goddard on Today at 09:24:14 AM »
Helo Alan
i did a US trip to get buckets of ship info but have sadly been diverted to other stuff at present.
Trip included Kinston , which i highly recommend folk visit whilst it is still there
Hammerin' Iron / Any new ships
« Last post by alan_lockhart on Today at 09:18:27 AM »
Just wondering if there is any prospect of new models?  Particularly interested in the like of US sailing vessels to supplement the US Hartford for the like of Mobile Bay.
General discussion / Re: Toothpicks-a conundrum
« Last post by Colonel Kilgore on July 15, 2018, 09:39:16 PM »
Interesting linguistic point, Martin.

I would assume (in these articles) cocktail sticks, or at least that these are as acceptable in most instances as "proper" toothpicks. Incidentally, the Japanese restaurant toothpicks I've come across are generally more similar to our cocktail sticks (albeit only pointed at one end), with the addition of some decoration in the form of some turning. So maybe there are some national toothpick trends at work here too?

For me a wider point on such articles (at the risk of hijacking this thread and sending it in a completely different direction, but what the heck) is the relative paucity of 15mm terrain articles and how ones written for 28mm (prettier eye candy?) are often not that relevant for 15mm, even allowing for some scaling down. Often such scratch-built scenery can look vastly over-scale for 15mm.

Or maybe they're just using the wrong type of toothpick? :)
Pieces of Eight / Re: play testing the new rules
« Last post by Colonel Kilgore on July 15, 2018, 08:47:56 PM »
Stewart, thanks for the clarifications on the ships. What about the land-based game, or has that seen rather less testing down in Weymouth?
General discussion / Re: Things on the table
« Last post by martin goddard on July 15, 2018, 04:48:45 PM »
I so have a couple of D6 trays. These were inspired by Miles. Thank you Miles.   The ones I copied from Miles are by KR multicase I think.  they are visible to all players, as they have no significant lip. Some dice trays are more difficult to see into. I take the KR trays to shows as some players cannot help but fling dice at soldiers and scenery.
Dice towers look good but not sure how they would cope with a 12D6 roll?
General discussion / Toothpicks-a conundrum
« Last post by martin goddard on July 15, 2018, 02:53:45 PM »
Observing scenery and restaurants in the US .  I notice that there is some confusion between what i would call toothpicks i.e.  short pieces of wood that one buys from boots to poke between teeth and remove bits at 4cm. Rough surface, softish wood.   And cocktail sticks  i.e. 9cm cylindrical wood with a polished finish and pointy ends.
Dos anyone here use the Boots type  toothpicks for scenery or even teeth?
In US restaurants i have noticed small jars full of individually wrapped cocktail sticks(my label) furnished as "toothpicks". I would not countenance using anything like that on my precious remaining teeth.

Here is the actual question. If a wargames article suggested you use "toothpicks" to make say;  a palisade from toothpicks, what would you assume?

This is just a casual topic. Not a matter i am worried about, but I do like clarity. Maybe it is two countries divided by a common language?
General discussion / Re: Things on the table
« Last post by Duncan on July 15, 2018, 02:42:27 PM »
We often have tea, coffee, biscuits, crisps etc at the club but not on the gaming surface. They should be kept off to the side.
Bear in mind some people have to take medication at certain times of day and some of these items have to be taken with food even if it is only a sandwich or whatever.
It can be hard to not have dice on the gaming area as there is nowhere else to roll them. I am considering a dice tower as I note on several occasions that dice are hitting figures and scenic items. Not on purpose, just because of the area, where figures and things are and a general unavailability of open space for dice to roll. Alternatively a separate dice rolling tray or table would be good but not always handy.
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