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General discussion / Re: Fiddling about with rules
« Last post by Leman on Today at 05:46:35 PM »
I have met several people like this. Most notably when playing Bloody Barons he oreferred the pip system from DBM as he thought this reflected the period better and spent a week typing up his own amendment.

He showed them to me for the next game hoping i would immedilately adopt them as best practice. I thanked him, said I'd read them, but would he mind playing the rules as written for that nights game...and then never spoke of his 'amendments'  again.
That seems a perfect way of dealing with such skulduggery.
Square Bashing / 100 Days to Victory 0n the BBC
« Last post by Leman on Today at 05:42:45 PM »
Came as an Email today from the BBC - drama documentary in two parts about the last 100 days of WWI (presumably focusing mainly on the Western Front. Aims to show how infantry, tanks, aircraft and artillery at last began to co-ordinate in the attack.The three stills from the programme look vert impressive. First part Thursday 25th October, 20:00 BBC2.
Pieces of Eight / Re: Play testing the new rules.
« Last post by Smiley Miley 66 on Today at 05:37:14 PM »
Flying Dutchman and the Black Pearl by the looks of it. Revell 1/150th. Me thinks

It's the 3rd time we've been since they had the new building up for their reserve collection. There's a lot to see about WW1, with (I think) every version of British tank used.

If you get there early (we missed it) you can also climb inside the Chieftain tank.

Sadly, you'll miss the "live tank" show in the afternoon, as they only do that in Dorset half-terms, which was this week. It's the same show every time (down to the same jokes) but good fun.

The advantage is that you'll probably make a better job of viewing the collections than we did (we also got distracted by the ride in one of the M548s, which even Mrs Kilgore enjoyed, but we had to queue for quite some time). They also do a stamp (as in physical pattern) book for children, which helps keep their attention as they go around.

They had a collection (I don't know whether this is temporary), on loan from Lord Ashcroft's collection, of 4 VCs won by young men who died in or alongside their tanks in WW1, with their stories.

A really interesting day out.
Derbyshire half term next week, so visiting there on Monday. Hopefully be nice and quiet.

Thanks for wetting my appetite.
With it being school holidays our way, Little Miss Kilgore expressed a desire to go and see the full set of Tiger tanks at Bovington, so off we went yesterday.

Naturally, she soon lost interest in the Tigers ("they're too big - I only like model ones..."), but the display hall dedicated to the Tiger in its various forms was pretty impressive, if sadly deserted for much of the day.

However, we did spot a replica A7V in the reserve collection, that I'd not previously seen.

But one of the highlights was seeing the Mark IV replica in action. This is the one used in Spielberg's "War Horse", that the museum since acquired. A BBC film crew was there, for which they duly ran the tank around the show track a few times. There was no information about what the programme was about, but it seemed like some kind of documentary. Interesting to see their use of a drone in tandem with a conventional tripod-based camera.

One to look out for on The Beeb in the coming months, I guess.
Workbench and Suggestions / Re: WW2 Germans required
« Last post by Colonel Kilgore on Today at 03:47:26 PM »
I think the horse is actually spotting for the shooter. Maybe some binoculars required?
General discussion / Re: Fiddling about with rules
« Last post by mellis1644 on Today at 02:51:03 PM »
It's a long tradition of this hobby that people customize the rules to be their own...after all this is where the concept came from. There is no 'divine word of the author' IMO which makes things perfect. :)

But as mentioned there are limits and play balance etc.and all the aspects which Martin mention's but we all have our opinions as well. So are things perfect - likely not but generally games are set for how an author wanted them. If you all don't like them then you will likely play other rules...

Mostly for me though if I do this it's minor tweaks and play balance is still important. For example, we have a house rules here and there which make us feel happier with the rules. RoF is one where we force sacking the baggage by pursing cavalry on a roll for example, as it seems inconsistent with the history that this was in any commanders absolute control to decide. So a roll to see if the units do this and if not then follow the rules as written, which seemed 'better suited' to how we wanted the games.
Pieces of Eight / Re: Play testing the new rules.
« Last post by Sean Clark on Today at 02:30:15 PM »
They certainly add to the flavour. Good opportunity for some scratch building and making a permanent board for a display game I think.
PBI / Re: shooting officers
« Last post by Sean Clark on Today at 02:27:31 PM »
Adds something to the game though Peter. I like it as it adds a sense of jeopardy and it's always a tense moment waiting for the dice to stop rolling!

No reason why you can't amend it for your own games so long as your opponent is happy.
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