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Hey you in the Jail! / Re: Game at the levellers
« Last post by Duncan on Today at 08:33:14 PM »
I don't know what others have experienced, but for myself when plains Indians have been involved regardless of whether someone else more myself are playing them, the Indians have always lost! Every single game, with various different gamers, against various armies, both attacking and defending, the Indians have always lost!
General discussion / Re: Sci Fi
« Last post by Duncan on Today at 08:18:17 PM »
Just thinking that an advantage of keeping it in or at least very near our system is that you don't have to have technology that is that far advanced of what we have now or can imagine. You can have sub light ion drives or solar sails, maybe able to get to 0.25C which is fast enough for system travel but still too slow for all but the nearest stars and even then it would take 40;years or so, therefore it keeps the playing field realistic to whatever could in the near future achieve. Also it is slightly different to what everyone is doing. It means you could get from Earth to the moon in say five minutes (given that you have to accelerate/enter/leave orbit, land and take off etc.) And maybe Mars in say two to four hours depending on wherever are in our respective orbits. It just helps when considering resupply or getting to somewhere in the first place.
Did I mention that system based space battles, planetary actions is different to what other space games are doing which has to be good doesn't it?
General discussion / Re: Sci Fi
« Last post by Duncan on Today at 07:57:27 PM »
Event horizon. The Black Hole.
General discussion / Re: Sci Fi
« Last post by Colonel Kilgore on Today at 07:26:42 PM »
Starship Troopers; Star Wars; Blade Runner; Total Recall, Edge of Tomorrow...
General discussion / Re: Sci Fi
« Last post by martin goddard on Today at 07:21:04 PM »
What sci fi films have inspired people  on this group?
General discussion / Re: Sci Fi
« Last post by Duncan on Today at 06:49:01 PM »
Robot squads sound good as you don't have to worry about atmospherics. However, you could have aliens, but they should definitely not be humanoid aliens. Have you considered looking at the types of environment we could be looking into in decades/centuries to come, by that I mean Mars (obviously similar surface to a rocky Earth or Moon. But no breathing.) Or then there are the moons Europa, Enceladus etc which are ice world's with subsurface oceans (that would give a totally different dark cold liquid environment, submarine capable robots against alien aquatic life forms.) Or the gas giants, (floating in clouds, lots of radiation, very thick armoured hills to cope with gravitational force, fighting cloud based aliens something like giant floating jellyfish type aliens or gas bags?) Or cavernous asteroids, moons/planets with totally differing environments like methane lakes on Titan. Don't know what sort of life would evolve there but we could look into that! It would keep it grounded in our solar system and could give a totally different game depending on the planet/moon/asteroid. Could have private companies exploiting resources, space tourism hotels being overrun by aliens, governments fighting corporations etc! All based in the not too distant future but with realistic scenarios!
Well, Warfare is obviously all the poorer for no longer having Peter Pig in attendance!

I use a mix of Coat d'Arms and Vallejo. Coat d'Arms cover well, but need a little bit of stirring (rather than the Vallejo shake and squirt). I pick out bits of pigment with a paperclip and thin with water or Vallejo thinner rather than stirring up the inside of the tub itself.

The main downside I've found with Coat d'Arms is that the plastic used for the lids can break (albeit probably after 10 years or so: if I painted faster this would probably not be an issue!).

Nice paints though.
Announcements and Shows / Re: Warfare, Reading 18th-19th November
« Last post by martin goddard on Today at 04:36:24 PM »
Sonds like it went well. Good news. Are coat d arms considered good??
Maybe in virtual games you will get faces of friends and family grafted onto the skin of the virtual soldiers. That way the war 'game' will be enhanced when your nearest and dearest get shot or crushed to a pulp by a lumbering tank.
Perhaps you will have the option to choose a graphics level to tone out of up(!) the level of actual 'war' effects you get to see!
Well, 'twas busy today, with the car park (sadly not free this year) overflowing.

The bring-and-buy was heaving all morning, and the competition games (including a whole lot of very busy Lords of the Rings tables in the squash courts) seemed very animated.

Not a huge amount of 15mm stuff on the trade stands or demo games, but most of the usual suspects were present.

The demonstration games were a tad disappointing compared to previous years: it was often not obvious either what was being played of who was putting on the game, with fewer "stand out" displays. There was a nice Samurai game (complete with castle) in 28mm (couldn't see who ran it) and a large 28mm Gettysburg game with some nice terrain by Earlswood Wargames Club.

The Sealed Knot had some nice kit on display, usefully next to Last Chance Games' Battle of (28mm) Cheriton demo.

Interesting to see so many traders stocking Coat d'Arms paints - probably more than were selling Vallejo?

Was good to bump into Mr Lurkio - I hope your subsequent competition games went well!

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