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Author Topic: 'Old' Colonial/Settler Army  (Read 100 times)

Richard W

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'Old' Colonial/Settler Army
« on: August 31, 2017, 09:28:59 PM »
I've only just caught up with the Rhode... I mean generic Settler 'Professional' figures and am under severe temptation to create the Colonial/Settler Army I never intended to get.

I am still on Version 1 (Unloaded?) and used to use the PP boxed army lists as a starting point for assembling my own army.  Obviously these no longer appear; does anyone have a copy?  If so it will almost certainly mean that I have to start recruiting again...

Leslie BT

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Re: 'Old' Colonial/Settler Army
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2017, 01:27:13 PM »
The difference between the armies for the different rulesets was kept similar so that the players who had built armies could continue to use them.

The current list is
General and Bodyguard on two bases.
Unit 1. Militia. 6 small arms bases. 4 RPG bases (58 points)
Unit 2. Regular. 6 small arms bases. 4 RPG bases (108 points)
Unit 3. Regular. 2 gun armed armoured cars.2 technicals with HMG mounted (112 points)
Unit4. Professional. 5 small arms bases. 3 RPG/LAWS bases. (129 points)
Unit 5. Regular. 3 small arms bases. 3 HMG bases.(75 points)
TRUCK ALLOWANCE (3 trucks) (allows a unit to arrive more easily)

Packs 4(x2),22,57,142,71,25,32(x2 AC), 23(x2 Toyota),67,13,17,56,117,125(x2),42(character), 15(x3 trucks), 3 (dead)
Bases 1 pack 3x3, 4 individual 3x3 bases, 2 individual 3x4 bases.